Re-Feel (2019)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Friendship , Romance , Youth , Korean | Episodes 8

6.9 53 10 0


This is café re-feel, and we have signature drinks. Are you a student? If you show your ID card of Seoyon High School or Seoyeon University, you will get a 10% discount. Right, this café is close to Seoyon University and many students are coming. Do you know them? They usually hang out here. This café is their hideout. Will you join us? Come to this café re-feel.


Lee Seo Bin Support Role
Shin Jun Seop Support Role
Joo Eo Jin Support Role
Jung Hwi Young Support Role
Lee Chan Hyung Main Role
Jeon Hye Yeon Main Role
Kim Hyung Suk Guest Role
Min Hyo Won Guest Role
Im Hwe Jin Guest Role
Choi Hee Seung Guest Role
Lee Yoo Jin Guest Role
Yoo Dong Guk Guest Role
Seo Hye Won Guest Role
Lee Ji Won Guest Role
Kim Soo Hyun Guest Role
Jung Shin Hye Guest Role
Nam Yoon Soo Guest Role
Park Shi An Guest Role
Ryu Ui Hyun Guest Role


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