Reun Phayom (2017)

The House of Jealousy, เรือนพะยอม

Drama , Drama , Horror , Mystery , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 15

7.7 526 10 0


Because in the past can not love each other. This is the cause of this nation. To create the legend of love with a girl named Salad in the Salad House, which is the source of mystery, riddles, jealousy and love affair. Rizka decided La Lorin The mother to end the problem that Chai Stepfather trying to approach her. Even the mother would ask, however, it did not work. Arrive in Chiang Mai.


Yavapolkul Tawin Main Role
Sopha Wathit Supporting Role
Amattayakul Thipparat Supporting Role
Toongkamanee Duangta Supporting Role
Kannaporn Puangtong Supporting Role