Rikon Bengoshi (2004)


Drama , Drama , Law , Mystery , Japanese | Episodes 11

7.3 57 10 0


Takako Mamiya is a lawyer who quits her job at a prestigious law firm, and establishes her own office. She confidently sets out to build her business, but soon her former firm is putting up obstacles and interfering, causing Takako's employees and clients to drift away. She finally puts together a new staff consisting of a college student who knows little about the law, a girl who applied for the job in hopes of meeting a rich guy, a hard-nosed lawyer, and a paralegal who hasn't passed the bar exam yet. Takako reluctantly handles divorce cases with her incompetent crew. For an elite lawyer like her, divorce cases are the most boring and unrewarding cases that exist. Through clashing with her employees and clients, Takako soon becomes a very mature and tough lawyer. "Divorce Lawyer" also tells the story of how difficult it is to judge love and relationships in legal terms. Fuji TV Edit Translation English Español Nederlands Polski Bahasa Indonesia


Sasaki Kuranosuke Yanagida Toshifumi [lawyer] Support Role
Kogure Mimura Yoshida Kaori [receptionist] Support Role
Tsugawa Masahiko Inoue Kisaburou [paralegal] Support Role
Tamayama Tetsuji Honda Daisuke [assistant] Support Role
Jinnai Takanori Yamaoka Tetsuji [lawyer] Support Role
Yamaguchi Edo Unknown
Amami Yuki Mamiya Takako [lawyer] Main Role
Satoi Kenta (Ep.9) Guest Role
Toda Naho Inoue Hiromi (Ep.8) Guest Role
Kimura Midoriko Shirakawa Akiko (Ep.4) Guest Role
Hirata Mitsuru Sonoda Eisuke (Ep.6) Guest Role
Fukikoshi Mitsuru Horii Hiroshi (Ep.3) Guest Role
Shiga Kotaro [Dentist] (Ep. 8) Guest Role
David Ito Iwao Seiji (Ep.5) Guest Role
Suzuki Sarina Makabe Yuri (Ep.10-11) Guest Role
Minami Kaho Hayama Rumi (Ep.9) Guest Role
Nakamaru Shinsho Doctor Karasawa (Ep.7) Guest Role
Takenouchi Yutaka Hirosawa Yoshiyuki (Ep.1) Guest Role
Ryo Kurosawa Chisato (Ep.5) Guest Role
Aijima Kazuyuki Harada Keiichi (Ep.4) Guest Role
Masana Bokuzo [ward office employee] (Ep.4) Guest Role
Yamaji Kazuhiro Nakagawa Youji (Ep.1) Guest Role
Nishioka Tokuma Kizaki Kenichirou (Ep.10-11) Guest Role
Nakagoshi Noriko Ogawa Nao (Ep.2) Guest Role
Hayashi Ryuzo Kagami Gorou (Ep.2) Guest Role
Kawai Michiko Horii Masumi (Ep.3) Guest Role
Murano Mia Wakaura Natsuki (Ep.4) Guest Role
Saito Shota Shirakawa Masato (Ep.4) Guest Role
Murakami Tomoko (Ep.5) Guest Role
MEGUMI Sonoda Rika (Ep.6) Guest Role
Suzuki Sawa Utsui Misako (Ep.6) Guest Role
Ogi Shigemitsu Hayama Yoshiki (Ep.9) Guest Role
Shinsui Sanshou Kouichi (Ep.6) Guest Role
Kasai Kenji Manager Furukawa (Ep.6) Guest Role
Ogura Hisahiro [photo studio owner] (Ep.7) Guest Role
Ameku Michiko Takahashi Ryouko (Ep.7) Guest Role
Haruta Junichi Miyamoto Katsuya (Ep.8) Guest Role
Hoshino Yuka Yoshino Miho (Ep.8) Guest Role
Miyaji Masako Miyamoto Masako (Ep.8) Guest Role
Ikeda Narushi Kimura Makoto (Ep.9) Guest Role
Tsutsui Mariko Lawyer Aizawa (Ep.10-11) Guest Role
Saiki Shigeru MD Saitou (Ep.10-11) Guest Role
Moriwaki Eriko (Ep.10-11) Guest Role
Ishida Tarou Guest Role
Toji Takao Guest Role
Okada Masumi Guest Role
Namase Katsuhisa Takazawa Hiroyuki (Ep.8) Guest Role
Miyazaki Yoshiko Nakagawa Kyoko (Ep. 1) Guest Role
Mitsuno Michio Unknown Role
Tajima Daisuke Unknown Role
Matsuyama Hiroaki Unknown Role