River’s Edge Okawabata Tanteisha (2014)

リバースエッジ 大川端探偵社

Drama , Detective , Drama , Japanese | Episodes 12

6.7 15 10 0


Set within a small detective agency located by along the riverside of Sumida River in Asakusa District, Tokyo. At the detective agency, there are 3 employees. Researcher Muraki, the head of the detective agency and reception clerk Megumi who has a bright personality. They receive requests that even they think is nearly impossible to perform, but they try to find a solution by carefully approaching their clients, the people around their clients and whatever is hidden in the background. ~~ Based on the manga series "Ribasu Ejji Ookawabata Tanteisha" by Yuho Hijikata and Akio Tanaka. 


Makita Sports Support Role
Okui Shuji Support Role
Iwatani Kenji Unknown
Nakano Hideo Support Role
Iwai Hideto Support Role
Ishibashi Renji Main Role
Koizumi Maya Main Role
Odagiri Joe Main Role
Cho Tamiyasu Guest Role
Takito Kenichi Guest Role
Hashimoto Jun Guest Role
Koike Rina Guest Role
Uno Shohei Guest Role
Takubo Issei Guest Role
Yoshikura Aoi Guest Role
Ikezu Shoko Guest Role
Miura Masaki Guest Role
Hotta Shinzo Guest Role
Ohkata Hisako Guest Role
Katayama Ryo Guest Role
Suzuki Bob Guest Role
Kuroiwa Yoshi Guest Role
Kunitake Aya Guest Role
Mizusawa Shingo Guest Role
Sato Masahiro Guest Role
Shiro Guest Role
Gozu Takeo Guest Role
Fukunaga Marika Guest Role
Yamada Maho Guest Role
Hoshino Akari Guest Role
Goto Yumi Guest Role
Daisuke Kuroda Guest Role
Wakamatsu Takeshi Guest Role
Matsumoto Marika Guest Role
Konno Hiroki Guest Role
One Hitoshi Unknown Role
Shintoku Kouji Unknown Role