Rogue Emperor (2016)

The Misadventure of Zoo, 流氓皇帝

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , HK | Episodes 17

7.5 54 10 0


Living on the streets of Hong Kong, Chu Gam Chun claims that he is the Last Emperor of China. As social worker Fung Siu Yung follows his case, she gradually reveals his adventurous, absurd, legendary life devoted to pursing his love Yi Yung Yung. In the early 1930s, when he was still a youngster, Chu Gam Chun, along with his brother Chu Cheung Fun and friends Ng Do Ho and Nau Yuk Gon, compete in a firecracker scramble to earn money for him to marry Yi Yung Yung. Because of an accident, they not only miss out on the prize money, they also encounter strange people and events one after another. Ng Do Ho's sister Ng Do Yu is also implicated and becomes a social flower. Chu Gam Chun and his pals fail in the military and instead, become prisoners. They later end up in Shanghai. With the help of triad leader Nau Lik, Chu Gam Chun transforms into a powerful Shanghai tycoon. Although his heart still thinks about Yi Yung Yung, a missed opportunity causes the two of them to be separated again for forty years.


Ma Kenneth Chu Gam Chun Main Role
Chow Niki Yi Yung Yung Main Role
Wong Mandy Ng Do Yu Main Role
Yuen Benjamin Chu Cheung Fun Main Role
Koo Jerry Ng Do Ho Main Role
Chu Tracy Fung Siu Yung Supporting Role
Tse Brian Nau Yuk Gon Supporting Role
Sinn Pal Che Dai Pau Supporting Role
Ching Rainbow Yau Yue Si Supporting Role
Yeung Harriet Lung Chuen Fung Supporting Role
Tay Joe Nau Lik Supporting Role
Suen Snow Siu Wan Supporting Role