Romance Full of Life (2017)

Three Color fantasy – Romance Full of Life, Vivid Romance, 생동성 연애

Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Korean | Episodes 6

7.6 2393 10 0


So In Seong has prepared for the examination to become a police officer for 4 years. He has failed the exam 8 times, but he still has a positive personality. He then applies for the high pay part-time job which is titled "Experiment Full of Life".


Jo Soo Hyang Wang So Ra Main Role
Yoon Shi Yoon So In Seong Main Role
Kang Ki Young Jo Ji Seob Main Role
Kim Min Soo Kong Moo Supporting Role
Hwang Young Hee [In Seong's mother] Supporting Role
Jang Hee Ryung Kim Tae Yi Supporting Role
Seo Dong Won So Ra's Restaurant Manager Supporting Role
Woo Do Im Song Ae Gyo Supporting Role
Woo Hyun [In Seong's father] Supporting Role
Kim Seul Gi [Korean Street Food Girl](Ep.6) Guest Role