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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 (2020)
Ep 6


Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 (2020)

Romantic Doctor Kim 2, Dr. Romantic 2, Doctor Romantic 2, Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo 2, Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Season 2, 낭만닥터 김사부 2

Drama , Drama , Medical , Romance , Korean | Episodes 32

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Meanwhile, Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung), a second year fellow in the cardiosurgery department who enjoys studying and has confidently walked the path of an elite student for most of her life. Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Sup) is a cynical second year fellow who doesn’t believe in happiness because of his hardships growing up, but he shows impressive levels of concentration and talent when he is performing surgery.