Rong Tao Naree (2019)
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Rong Tao Naree (2019)

รองเท้านารี, In Her Shoes, รองเท้านารี

Drama , Comedy , Friendship , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 10

7.7 3503 10 0


The story is about 4 women who are like different kinds of shoes. Warisa represents high heels. She's a chic and modern girl who loves to flirt with guys. She is picky because she wants a perfect love. Namnao represents boots. She's a confident surgeon who may seem ordinary but is actually hiding something. Ussana represents sneakers. She's a free spirited artist who wants to be a professional photographer. Ticha represents sandals. She's a simple but fearful shoes designer. She doesn't like taking risks and wants to find a safe love.


Chatborirak Thana Support Role
Nat Sakdatorn Support Role
Patharamanop Isariy Support Role
Natthew Support Role
Wornurai Sakolrat Warisa Main Role
Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul Ticha Main Role
Jirakul Focus Namnao Main Role
Mahapreukpong Ariigantha Ussana Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Friendship , Romance , Thailand