Ruk Laek Pop (2020)


Drama , Drama , Historical , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 23+

7.7 385 10 0


A modern day reckless influencer gets transported back into the past where he meets his look-alike great grandfather. To somehow get back to the present, he needs his great grandfather's help. Matters get chaotic when he gets involved in his great grandfather's love life. If he alters who his great grandmother is he would cease to exist. What valuable lessons will he learn and how will he return to the present? Edit Translation English Español Português Polski Bahasa Indonesia


Watitapun Sarocha Support Role
Primorata Dejudom Support Role
Ratchata Prima Support Role
Pantila Win Support Role
Yuktadatta Sireeporn Support Role
Suphakan Thanongsak Support Role
Nut Devahastin Support Role
Kantapoj Pattarapol Support Role
Paoon Jansiri Unknown Role