Ruk Tae Mae Mai Pleum (2016)

True Love...Mother Isn't Pleased, Couple Battle, Couple War, Khu Rak Khu Rob, Rak Tae Mae Mai Pleum, รักแท้แม่ไม่ปลื้ม

Drama , Comedy , Family , Romance , Sitcom , Thailand | Episodes 31

8.4 1326 10 0


Pat and Parn have been together for five years. They get married and move into Pat's mom's home. Pat's mom loves him a lot and doesn't want to share him with Parn. She quarrels with Parn to drive her away. Pat will have to find a way to make his mother and wife live in harmony.


Tilapornputt Jespipat Pat Main Role
Pohpiti Daraneenuch Supporting Role
Yuktadatta Sireeporn [Parn's friend] Supporting Role
Plengpanit Sinjai [Pat's mother] Supporting Role