Ryu no Michi: Futatsu no Kao no Fukushusha (2020)

竜の道 二つの顔の復讐者

Drama , Drama , Suspense , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.7 13 10 0


Not long after twin brothers Ryuichi and Ryuji were born, they were abandoned by their own parents. They were then adopted by the Yoshie couple, who ran a small shipping company. Sometime later, the Yoshies gave birth to their daughter Misa. Ryuichi and Ryuji enjoyed pleasant days with their adopted parents and younger sister Misa. When Ryuichi and Ryuji were 15-years-old, their parents experienced extremely dark days because of Genpei Kirishima, who ran a competing shipping company. Genpei Kirishima tried to expand his business nationwide at this time and he tried to deprive business of the company owned by the Yoshies. Due to Genpei Kirishima, the Yoshies fell into heavy debt and eventually killed themselves. Ryuichi and Ryuji vowed to get revenge on Genpei Kirishima. 7 years later, Ryuichi has become a new person through plastic surgery and using someone else's identity. He takes part in the criminal world. Meanwhile, Ryuji works for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, to supervise shipping companies.


Saito Yuki Support Role
Endo Kenichi Support Role
Nao Support Role
Watanabe Kunito Support Role
Matsumoto Honoka Support Role
Matsumoto Marika Support Role
Hosoda Yoshihiko Support Role
Konno Hiroki Support Role
Tamaki Hiroshi Main Role
Takahashi Issei Main Role
Saigo Teruhiko Guest Role
Sakamoto Mitsuki Guest Role
Sakamoto Satsuki Guest Role
Shinozaki Eriko Unknown Role
Iwata Kazuyuki Unknown Role
Joho Hidenori Unknown Role