SaDou (2019)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Friendship , Japanese | Episodes 12

8.6 55 10 0


It was this advertising project that first learned about "Sado".
Vita? Auf goose? It looks interesting.
I immediately read a book on my Kindle, but I'm afraid to go to the sauna.
I used to go to the gym that I used to go to, so I sometimes went there, but recently I don't go at all. You don't have to bother to get hot, and it seems that local rules are troublesome. But in fact, if you can enjoy the local rules, it will become Togenkyo.
Tokyo is so hot lately that after work in the evening, I moved to the area of the dinner party and often sweated by looking in advance for things like a public bath or hot spring. This is nice, but there is a sauna too.
My friend TV Togo 5P finally made a drama. This is good. Subcal odor. A slightly strange structure for a drama. But the original taste is not broken. Music is good too. The ending song is too ugly, just like the temperley song (laughs). In a way, it's beyond “lonely gourmet”. No, a program I'm looking forward to every week after a long time.
Let's go to the sauna.



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