Sai Tarn Hua Jai (2017)


Drama , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 15

7.7 1211 10 0


Narang came back from the U.S because he uncle wanted him to help with the hotel business that is going bankrupt and asked P’ek to borrow $20 mil. He asked Sunanta and she gives him the money since she likes him but she must also co-manage it with him and he must have a personal secretary of her choice. Sunanta assigned Siriganya to be his secretary. When P’ek meets the new secretary,she is conceited and arrogant just like her boss, Sunanta. Narang always makes time to go and talk to Siriganya even though she is arrogant and doesn’t like his face. He respects and feels sorry for her for working so hard so Sunanta but the Sunanta treat her like crap. He even looks for a new job for her but she didn’t want it.


Rungnopakunsi Songsit Support Role
Sirananon Rangsit Kiattisuk Support Role
Rendell Alex Sawat Support Role
Piyasakulkaew Kosawis Manit Support Role
Sirikul Penpak Sunantha Support Role
Bhunjaroeun Prima Lamun Support Role
Hiranyatithi Chatayodom H.S.H. Prince Maenthep Support Role
Springett Carissa Khun Ying Pathawee Support Role
Lawanprasert Srungsuda Prakhong Support Role
Vijitvongtong Chalida Siriganya Main Role
Ma James Narang Jongsawat Main Role