Same Age Trainer (2019)

내 쌤은 동년배

Drama , Kshow , Music , Korean | Episodes 10

4.7 1 10 0


1:1 idol special training lessons that teaches various idol skills such as dance, song, and personal skills between professional idols and Kim Dong Hyun.


Kim Dong Hyun Main Host
Kim Dong Hyun (Ep. 2) Guest
Jeon Woong (Ep. 2) Guest
Shuhua (Ep. 7) Guest
Minnie (Ep. 7) Guest
Kim Kook Heon (Ep. 8) Guest
Kim Jong Min (Ep. 3) Guest
Song Yu Vin (Ep. 8) Guest
BX (Ep. 9) Guest
Kim Seung Hoon (Ep. 9) Guest
Kim Yong Hee (Ep. 9) Guest
Yoon Hyun Suk (Ep. 9) Guest
Jane (Ep.10) Guest
Kim Na Yun (Ep.10) Guest
Lee Ah In (Ep.10) Guest
Nancy (Ep.10) Guest
Kim Hee Chul (Ep. 1) Guest
Im Da Young (Ep. 5) Guest
Rocky (Ep. 6) Guest
Yoon San Ha (Ep. 6) Guest
Cha Eun Woo (Ep. 6) Guest
EXY (Ep. 5) Guest
Im Young Min (Ep. 2) Guest
Yeoreum (Ep. 5) Guest
Park Soo Bin (Ep. 5) Guest
Seola (Ep. 5) Guest
Jin Jin (Ep. 6) Guest
Lee Hye Bin (Ep.10) Guest
Baek Sung Hyun (Ep. 3) Guest
Ye Sung (Ep. 1) Guest
Lee Dae Hwi (Ep. 2) Guest
Bae Jin Young (Ep. 9) Guest
Park Woo Jin (Ep. 2) Guest
Kim Ryeo Wook (Ep. 1) Guest
Shin Ji (Ep. 3) Guest
JooE (Ep.10) Guest
Sleepy (Ep. 4) Guest
Moon Bin (Ep. 6) Guest