Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (2009)

Underdeveloped Daughter-in-law, Kromom Mtes Pas Komloss Kngai, สะใภ้ไกลปืนเที่ยง

Drama , Action , Comedy , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 13

7.4 163 10 0


In “Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (Underdeveloped Daughter-in-law)”, Anne is a hot-heated cop in the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok, her name is Lalin. Her family lives in Roi Et province. When she returns home to participate in a festival, she learns her seamstress sister Areeya (Jane Jensuda) was impregnated by guy from Bangkok. The family and especially Lalin wants this wannabe deadbeat daddy to take responsibility for his actions. The only problem, they don’t know who he is. Areeya refuses to disclose his identity... --Credit to Lyn's Lakorn Blog


Thongprasom Anne Lalin/Prik Main Role
Yamnarm Chakrit Jormtup Main Role
Pohpiti Daraneenuch Nuansamon Supporting Role
Sukapat Jintara Mam Khunying Lerlak Supporting Role
Akkaphan Namart Pat Supporting Role
Kumnerdploy Kunchai Supporting Role
Wingomin Pimaksiporn Sriyuda Supporting Role
Cheuyaroon Benjapol Chief Bunchuai Supporting Role
Janesuda Jane Areeya / King Supporting Role