Sasurai Onsen (2019)


Drama , Business , Family , Life , Japanese | Episode 12

7.3 104 10 0


Kenichi Endo finds that he will star in the second volume of Paravi × TV Tokyo Group drama series "Drama Parabi" that starts in January 2019, "Sasurai Hot Spring Kenichi Endo" (TV Tokyo series, every Wednesday 25: 35 ~) It was.

The drama is "Moteki" "Everyone! Esper! "Together with Producer Mamoru Abe who deals drama of topics one after the other, a totally new intimate hot spring documentary work with mixed falsehood.

One day, the program staff heard shocking rumors. That is, "Actor Kenichi Endo retires the actor". I went to confirm the truth to Mr. Endo sooner that they saw "Endo Kenichi" for some reason and somehow Endo worked at a hot spring resort as a male apartment.


Oba Mina Support Role
Ayukawa Momoka Support Role
Asuka Rin Support Role
Yamaguchi Sayaka Support Role
Endo Kenichi Main Role
Tomosaka Rie Main Role

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Drama , Business , Family , Life , Japanese



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