School Attack 2019 (2019)

스쿨어택 2019

Drama , Kshow , Life , Music , School , Korean | Episodes 10

7.4 71 10 0


What if the most sought-after K-Pop stars surprisingly visit my school? In School Attack 2019, idol K-Pop stars present a short surprise concert. There's a thrill of watching the stars try not to get caught as they sneak into schools. The stars solve various missions delivered through tablet PCs in their own creative ways and offer the students an unforgettable memory. Check out the dramatic moments of the stars' emergence before the students. 


Ji Su Yeon Guest
Jeon Woong Guest
Shuhua Guest
Minnie Guest
Hae Chan Guest
Kei Guest
Jung Ye In Guest
Seo Ji Soo Guest
Lee Je No Guest
Na Jae Min Guest
Moon Byul Guest
Solar Guest
Baby Soul Guest
JIN Guest
Yoo Ji Ae Guest
Wheein Guest
Hwasa Guest
Arin Guest
Binnie Guest
Yoo Ah Guest
Mimi Guest
Elly Guest
Lua Guest
Song Yu Qi Guest
Rina Guest
Sei Guest
Lucy Guest
Lee Mi Joo Guest
Kevin Moon Guest
Bae Jacob Guest
Hwall Guest
Q Guest
New Guest
Eric Guest