Sedai Wars (2020)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Sci-Fi , Japanese | Episodes 10

7 19 10 0


Due to generational conflict and dissatisfaction, society has declined remarkably and the economy has also declined. Japan is about to collapse. Everybody points their finger at the other generation for causing their generation's unhappiness and misfortune. Prime Minister Naoki Ando then declares a battle titled "Sedai Wars" to decide the next president who will rule Japan. Representatives from each generation take part in the Sedai Wars, which is a battle royale set to take place in a VR space. Satoru Kashiwagi (Yuki Yamada) is picked as a representative for his generation.


Okuyama Kazusa Tamagawa Asami Support Role
Matobu Sei Shirai Yuko Support Role
Suzuki Masayuki Ogawa Kiyoshi Support Role
Otomo Kohei Ando Naoki Support Role
Asakawa Nana Saijo Moe Support Role
Ikeda Yuto Kakei Shota Support Role
Yokoyama Megumi Suzuki Kaori Support Role
Deai Masayuki Kuroda Tetsuya Support Role
Nishioka Tokuma Yamao Shigeru Support Role
Kitamura Yui Support Role
Okada Kohki Otani Osamu Support Role
Yamada Yuki Kashiwagi Satoru Main Role
Sakamoto Koichi Unknown Role



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