Shin Suk Ki Blues (2004)

신석기 블루스

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Supernatural , Korean | Episodes 8

9 31 10 0


Shin Suk Ki is perfect in every way but is a cold-hearted lawyer. He meets accidentally a man who has the same name as himself but both get involved in an accident and are severely hurt. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the ugly body of the other guy. He has to live that man’s life from now on. Edit Translation English Español Polski Bahasa Indonesia


Kim Choo Wol Support Role
Ahn Soo Ho Support Role
Ok Ji Young Support Role
Shin Yi Support Role
Won Ae Ri Support Role
Nam Po Dong Support Role
Sung Ki Yoon Support Role
Kim In Tae Support Role
Kim Hyun Joo Main Role
Lee Sung Jae Main Role
Lee Jong Hyuk Main Role
Lee Jung Sung Guest Role
Heo Jung Gyu Guest Role
Lee Min Ah Guest Role