Show Me the Money 5 (2016)

SMTM5, 쇼미더머니5

Drama , Game-Show , Music , Korean | Episodes 10+

7.8 438 10 0


The format of each season varies, but generally, consists of contestants going head to head in a series of challenges until only one rapper remains. The show includes a mixture of rookie and experienced rappers, with the experienced rappers typically serving as "producers," a role that includes being both mentors and judges. The fifth season of SMTM featured four different producer teams consisting of: AOMG judges Simon Dominic & Gray, YG Entertainmentjudges Kush & Zion T, judges Dok2 & The Quiett of Illionaire Records and Gill & Mad Clown. This season held open auditions in LA for the first time with guest judge Timbaland. It also saw the participation of many popular and well known artists in the Korean hip hop scene as well as notable participants of past seasons such as G2, Reddy, C Jamm, BewhY, Bizniz, Onesun, Jin Doggae, J'Kyun, Xitsuh, Snacky Chan, One, Sanchez, Dayday, Junoflo, Myundo, Super Bee and Flowsik.


Song Min Ho Featuring Guest Guest
Seo Chang Bin Contestant Regular Member
Woo Tae Woon Contestant Regular Member
Jo Seung Yeon Contestant Regular Member
Kim Sang Gyun Contestant Regular Member
Sanchez Contestant Regular Member
Jin Jin Contestant Regular Member
Microdot Featuring Guest Guest
Bobby Featuring Guest Guest
Jay Park Featuring Guest Guest
Jung Jae Won Contestant Regular Member
Zico Featuring Guest Guest
Jessi Featuring Guest Guest
Young B Contestant Unknown
Zion.T Judge Main Role