Skynet Action (2019)


Drama , Action , Drama , Chinese | Episodes 35

8.1 369 10 0


A van was wrecked in a car accident. A family of three died in a family. Through on-site investigation, Zhao Yiyang, who had just been appointed as the chief of the accident department, found that there were two other cars involved in the accident, which were pursued and eventually locked in anecdotes. The murderer of the escape. However, this case led to an old case involving an old case that Zhao Yiyang had previously done, which may be a wrong case, which in turn affected his progress. Zhao Yiyang did not back down, tried to follow the newly discovered clues, pursued the old case, and arrested the suspect, which finally proved that the original case was not wrong and cracked a new case. Zhao Yiyang went to the countryside to hunt down the escaping driver, but he was surrounded by everyone. He was not afraid of danger. He eventually took the suspects away from the investigation and assisted the investigation. At the same time, through his own practical actions, he finally accepted the correct responsibility for the accident and eliminated the surrounding. Misunderstanding of the masses. 



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