Soft Memory (2019)


Drama , Romance , School , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 20

7.8 1313 10 0


Do I like him or 'him"? With a case of mistaken genders, does one gain while the other loses? A heartwarming story follows a group of students who course through life with laughter and tears. What they treasure in their hearts is the best remembrance of their youth. Sun Xiaorou (Xin Ruiqi) is an 18-years-old student who crushes after her one and only prince charming. Ouyang Yusheng (Yi Heng) is the popular school genius who finds himself crushing on the same person and questioning his sexuality. The object of their affections is none other than Chu Lu (Ni Yan). She is the handsome student with a beautiful voice who is mistaken for a boy. Gao Yuan (Cai Yida) rounds up the gang as the student who is deeply passionate about music


Cai Yi Da Gao Yuan Support Role
Liu Luo Xi Zhao Bin Support Role
Yi Heng Ou Yang Yu Sheng Main Role
Xin Rui Qi Sun Xiao Rou Main Role