Sorn Ngao Ruk (2020)


Drama , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 17

7.7 1086 10 0


Who is biologically a female, and Kwanoei, who is biologically a male but was forced by their mother to hide his true gender and live his life as a woman. 


Bussarakwadee Phatrakorn Dao [Kwanoei & iKwanma half blooded sister] Support Role
Pongwilai Suchao Support Role
Franky Weerapat Taifah [Neua Mek's brother] Support Role
Yorch Yongsin Wongpanitnont Neua Mek [Young] Support Role
Charlette Wasita Hermenau Kwaneoi / Kwanma [Young] Support Role
Prasertwattanakul Apinun Tan [Kwaneoi & Kwanma's father] Support Role
Poolsawad Sakaojai Nalin [Kwaneoi & Kwanma's mother] Support Role
Chanokwanun Rakcheep Yonlada Support Role
Nimjirawat Nattapat Taifah [Young] Support Role
Marina Sadanun Balenciaga Kwaneoi / Kwanma [Post Plastic Surgery] Main Role
Thanit Itthipat Neua Mek/ P’Neua Main Role
Oranate D. Caballes Kwaneoi / Kwanma Main Role