Sotsugyo Bakamentari (2018)


Drama , Friendship , Romance , School , Youth , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.8 107 10 0


Horiguchi Gaku, Yonezawa Mao, Ita Koki and Jin Jun are friends and they all attend the same prestigious university. They have spent most of their time studying and they have 90 days before their graduations. Greatly inspired to become men by the time they graduate, they meet girls who are ideal in their own opinion. At times they collide, at others, they fail or forget their objective? They keep having hard struggles along with warm friendships.


Arai Hirofumi Tamura Support Role
Maeda Koki Koki Ita Main Role
Hamada Takahiro Mao Yonezawa Main Role
Fujii Ryusei Gaku Horiguchi Main Role
Yasunao Yoshida Jun Main Role


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