Sound of the Desert (2014)

Ballad of the Desert, Da Mo Yao, Romance Of The Desert, Xing Yue Chuan Qi, The Sound of Desert, Sun Moon Legend, Legend of the Moon and Star, Romance in the Wind, The Song of Desert, 风中奇缘

Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 35

8.3 573 10 0


Yu Jin was raised within the desert tribes of Xiong Nu, although her foster father is a Han. Under certain circumstances, she was forced to flee to Chang'an, the then capital of Early Han Dynasty,changing her name to Jin Yu along the way . Along her journey, she meets first the calm and kind Mo Xun (aka Jiu Ye, ninth master) , and later the handsome, cold, general Wei Wu Ji . Jin Yu falls for one, but was rejected. Will she untangle her love knot? Who will she choose in the end?


Hu Ge Mo Xun Main Role
Peng Eddie Wei Wu Ji Main Role
Liu Cecilia Jin Yu / Xin Yue Main Role
Shi Xiao Qun Princess Zhao Yang Supporting Role
Wang Chun Yuan Shin Ji Yan Supporting Role
Cai Ya Tong Mao Yun Zhu Supporting Role
Zhang Xiang Qin Yuan Qi [Qin Xiang's Brother] Supporting Role
Han Dong Li Ji Supporting Role
Chen Fala Qin Xiang Supporting Role
Wu Zhuo Han Wan Qian / Wei Qing Supporting Role
Cheung Maggie Wan Yu Jin Supporting Role
Wan Ni En Shuang Shuang Supporting Role
Dilmurat Dilraba Wei Ji Supporting Role
Ruan Wei Jing Hei Shi Supporting Role
Qin Yong Qin Yuan Chao [Qin Xiang's Brother] Supporting Role
Tin Kristal Hong Gu Supporting Role
Qin Hao Wu Wei Li Supporting Role
Long Adela Yin Jie Yu Supporting Role
Deng Li Min Uncle Shi Supporting Role
Su Mao [Xin Yue's adoptive Father] Guest Role