Spark (2016)

Seupakeu, 스파크

Drama , Drama , Music , Romance , Supernatural , Korean | Episodes 12

7.5 1375 10 0


'Spark' is a mini music drama like a night concert in the summertime, centering on a man who leaks a great deal of electricity after a sudden accident and a woman he can't get away from no matter how hard he tries.


Nam Bo Ra Son Ha Neul Main Role
Na Jong Chan Ga On Main Role
Park Jin Joo Yang Jin Soon Supporting Role
Yeo One Ji Sung Supporting Role
Joo Da Young Won Jae Kyung Supporting Role
Bae Ki Sung Jun Il Supporting Role
Kim Ki Doo Bong Soo Supporting Role
Kwon Eun Soo Gong Ah Reum Supporting Role


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