Special Force Behind The Enemy Line (2018)

Special Force Behind The Enemy Line, The King of Guns, 战地枪王

Drama , Action , War , Chinese | Episodes 44

7.7 907 10 0


During the beginning of year 1945 in the Northeast region, Lu Yinghao returns from military school in the Soviet Union for his father's birthday celebrations at An Tai Hospital. He arrives just in time to witness the atrocities committed by the Japanese army as they slaughter innocents and takeover the hospital. Lu Yinghao plots revenge and crosses paths with Li Ruxue, a female warrior on a mission. Along the way, a bandit named Tong Xiaofeng falls in love at first sight with Lu Yinghao and steals important documents from him. Lu Yinghao strives to retrieve the documents but gets coerced into marrying Xiaofeng. Despite the obstacles, he continues on a path of being to be a hero of the people. 


Xu Fan Xi Li Ru Xue Main Role
Xu Li Tong Xiao Feng Main Role
Li Jian Lu Ying Hao Main Role