Speed of Life (2016)


Drama , Romance , HK | Episodes 20

7.7 409 10 0


Hong Kong traffic E&C inspector To Cheuk Fung is dedicated to his mission. He and his subordinates often go undercover so they can easily prosecute those who speed, drunk drive, and hold illegal licenses. Cheuk Fung is an extremely cold person, serious in speech and manner, but he is strangely close friends with the boisterous Sze Ma of the investigation team. The duo are left speechless when they meet the rookie cop Bui Sam Yau, who they assumed would not be able to withstand Cheuk Fung’s strict demands. But after Sam Yau helps Cheuk Fung dispel a worry that he has kept locked in his heart for many years, the two grow extremely close, forming a pseudo father-daughter relationship. Sam Yau’s satisfactory performance catches the attention of Sze Ma, who convinces her to join his team. Sze Ma has been less than pleased with his subordinate Yiu Yiu, who prefers to do everything by the book and fails to catch up to Sze Ma’s painstaking style of investigating. Meanwhile, a racing gang has been wreaking havoc in the streets, sending out provoking messages to the police. Cheuk Fung and his team are given the light to track them down, but he ends up stepping into a dangerous boundary. A dark haze he has been avoiding once again appears before his eyes.


Choi Sisley Booi Sum Yau Main Role
Yuen Benjamin Sze Ma Main Role
Tong Natalie Yiu Yiu Main Role
Wong Kenny Do Cheuk Fung Main Role
Chan Toby Ho Pui Chung "Pearl" Supporting Role
Ho Lily Kan Tai Wai Supporting Role
Chiu Sky To Kai Chung Supporting Role
Chou Hinson Lee Man Ho Supporting Role
Ma Celine So San "Susan" Supporting Role
Ng Carlo Po Chi Pang Supporting Role
Yeow Eileen Chiu Kei Tse "Margaret" Supporting Role
Lam Mandy Chiu Cho Wan Supporting Role
Kan Rachel Lee Suk Wah "Vi" Supporting Role
Cho Raymond Au Suen Wai Supporting Role
Chan Calvin Cheuk Yat Long "Calvin" Supporting Role
Li Aurora Ng Ka Kei Supporting Role
Ma Mark Yeung Ming Supporting Role
Chan Jason Don Chiu Supporting Role
Poon Pat Bui Chi Hung Supporting Role
Chu Tracy Cheung Ching Ching "Siu Siu" Guest Role
Wong Hugo Cheung Chi Hin "Peter" (Ep.1-3) Guest Role
Lam Wingto Carol (ep.10-12) Guest Role
Ngo Pierre Wing Tak Him (Ep.6-8) Guest Role
Wu Jack Hung Kwok Lap "Hung Yan" (Ep.1 & 17-20) Guest Role
Wai Willie Heroin Sing (Ep.6-8) Guest Role
Chiu Raymond Brother Kwan (Ep.6-8) Guest Role
Lee Yee Man Wan Choi Fung (Ep.10-12) Guest Role
Wong Parkman Sing Mo Gor (Ep.6-9) Guest Role
Lui Rosanne Kwan Fuan Lan (Ep.10-12) Guest Role