Steel Rain 2: Summit (2020)
Ep 1


Steel Rain 2: Summit (2020)

강철비2: 정상회담

Drama , Action , Drama , War , Korean | Episodes 40

9 367 10 0


A futuristic film about a crisis near the brink of war after three leaders are kidnapped by a North Korean nuclear submarine in a coup d’état during a summit between the two Koreas and the United States. 


Shin Soo Yun Support Role
Lee Jae Yong Support Role
Kim Joong Ki Support Role
Kim Jung Hee Support Role
Hakuryu Support Role
Richard Kim Support Role
Henny Savenije Bit part
Kim Jae Il Bit part
Yoo Sung Joo Bit part
Choi Won Bit part
Lee Seung Chan Bit part
Lee Soo Ryun Bit part
Amy Aleha Bit part
Gong Teyu Bit part
Ji Woong Bae Bit part
Lee Jung Chul Bit part
Lee Won Bit part
Ahn Nae Sang Support Role
Son Jong Hak Support Role
Seo Dong Gab Bit part
Shim Hee Seop Bit part
Kim Myung Gon Support Role
Shin Jung Keun Support Role
Kim Yong Rim Support Role
Lee Nam Hee Support Role
Jang Gwang Support Role
Jo Woo Jin Bit part
Yum Jung Ah Support Role
Choi Min Chul Bit part
Go Yoon Bit part
Kim Joong Ki Bit part
Ryu Soo Young Support Role
Lee Tae Hyung Bit part
Jeon Woon Jong Bit part
Angus Macfadyen Main Role
Yoo Yeon Seok Main Role
Kwak Do Won Main Role
Jung Woo Sung Main Role