Surgeons (2017)

Wai Ke Feng Yun, The Surgeons, 外科风云

Drama , Medical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 44

8.1 629 10 0


Is it possible to search for answers to a death that occurred almost 30 years ago? Zhuang Su is a successful cardiothoracic surgeon who has been practicing in the United States. He returns to work at a general hospital in China to find answers to a malpractice case that happened 29 years ago that resulted in the death of a patient. Zhuang Su’s mother, the nurse involved in the case, was forced to resign. Then she saw her 4-year-old daughter kidnapped and then died in a car accident herself. Fellow cardiothoracic surgeon Lu Chen Xi happens to be the daughter of the patient who died in the malpractice case. After she stands up to the hospital director, Yang Fan, she is demoted to the emergency department. Can Chen Xi help Zhuang Su find out the truth to what happened nearly 30 years ago that changed both their families’ fortunes forever?


Bai Bai He Lu Chen Xi Main Role
Jin Dong Zhuang Shu Main Role
Yang Xin Ming Zhong Xi Bei Supporting Role
Lan Lyric Yang Yu Supporting Role
Liu Yi Jun Yang Fan Supporting Role
He Du Juan Chu Jun Supporting Role
Zhou Yue Tan Yun Long Supporting Role
Ma Shao Hua Fu Bo Wen Supporting Role
Wang Wilson Yang Zi Xuan Supporting Role
Gao Lu Lin Huan Supporting Role
Geng Le Xue Luan [Chen Xi's ex-boyfriend] Supporting Role
Gao Hai Peng Zhang Mo Han Supporting Role
Xue Shu Jie Cheng Lu [Chen Xi's mother] Supporting Role
Li Jean Chen Shao Cong Supporting Role
Wang Yong Quan [Lu Chen Xi's father] Supporting Role
Wang Hong Wang Chen Supporting Role
Yue Yang Liu Chang He Supporting Role
Chin Shih Chieh Xiu Min Qi Supporting Role
Feng Hui Jiang Ming Supporting Role
Ke Lan Zheng Yan Hua Supporting Role
Jin Kim Fang Zhi Wei Supporting Role
Gao Xin Xiu Min Qi [Younger] Guest Role
Sun Meng Jia Cao Yue (Ep.7-9) Guest Role
Li Guang Fu Zhang Yi Ming [Jialin Medical University Deputy Dean] Guest Role
Jiao Ti Yi Jiang Shou Ren Guest Role
Xu Lu Yang Lin Sen Guest Role
Chen Mu Yang Yang Ye (Ep.1,15,27) Guest Role
Zhu Meng Yao Pei Pei [Teacher Zhu's daughter](Ep.9) Guest Role
Wei Wei [Patient](Ep.7) Guest Role
Hu Ge Guest Role
Tan Xi He Lin Hao [Lin Huan's father] Guest Role
Wu Xiao Yu Liu Ling [Patient] Guest Role
Lin Jia Chuan [Patient's son](Ep.1-2) Guest Role
Ji Bo Fo Bo Wen [Younger] Guest Role
Si Yuan Lin Wei [Lin Sen's father] Guest Role
Liang Shi Ran Zhang Qian [Shao Cong's ex-girlfriend] Guest Role
Cao Cui Fen [Zhao Yu Xi's grandmother] Guest Role
Bi Yan Jun Liang Si Jin (Ep.19-20) Guest Role
Chang Fang Yuan [Pediatrician] Guest Role
Wu Nan Xu Jie [Lawyer] Guest Role
Li Xiao Yan [Lin Huan's mother] Guest Role
Ma Bo Cai Wei [Patient] Guest Role
Jiang Jia Qi Wang Fang [Cai Wei's wife] Guest Role
Zheng Hui Xin Nan Nan [Young] Guest Role
Jia Zi Ming Xiao Bin [Young] Guest Role
Li Da Guang Director Ma Guest Role
Luo Yu Kun Rong Rong Guest Role
Zhang Jian Dong Xia Chuan Ming [Renhe Hospital Legal Counsel] Guest Role
Kang Jia Ming Dr. Lin Guest Role
Ren Shuai Chang Li Sheng [Patient's son] Guest Role
Yang Yang Cheng Lu [Young] Guest Role
Liu Xiang Jing Director Li Guest Role
Li Qin Qin Chen Jing Ping Guest Role
Wang Qing Xiang [Zhuang Shu's father] Guest Role
Zhang Lu Cao Guang Yi [Pharmacy Head, Young] Guest Role
Ning Wen Tong Ying Zhi Nan Guest Role
Mu Li Yan Qiao He [Zhong Xi Bei's wife] Guest Role
Juan Zi Zhao Jing Guest Role
Zhao Qian Zi Han Dong Mei Guest Role
Ding Yong Dai Gao Hong Xiang Guest Role
Kang Qun Zhi [Cao Yue's mother] Guest Role
Liu Lin Zhang Shu Mei [Zhuang Shu's mother] Guest Role
Dong Yong Wu Tian [Renhe Hospital Deputy Dean] Guest Role
Li Hong Tao Qi Da Wei Guest Role
Wang Yi Nan Cheng Hui Ying [Patient](Ep.2-3) Guest Role
Ren Cheng Wei Zhao Chong Guang Guest Role
Li Zhi Qin Unknown Role


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