Survival Wedding (2018)

サバイバル ウェディング

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Japanese | Episode 40

8 525 10 0


29-year-old Sayaka Kuroki works at a publishing company. She is engaged and will have her wedding in 3 months. One night, she comes home after resigning from her job. She discovers that her fiance is having an affair. Sayaka Kuroki breaks off her engagement. Sayaka Kuroki now doesn't have a job. At this time, Hiroto Usami suggests to her the chance to get reinstated. He works as the chief editor of a popular magazine. Hiroto Usami tells her that if she wants her job back she must meet two conditions: 1.) Sayaka Kuroki must find a man to marry within 6 months and get married 2.) She must write down her experience getting married and publish her experience in the magazine.


Buruzon Chiemi Okuzono Chieri Support Role
Sudo Risa Sugi Yuko Support Role
Maeno Tomoya Tetsuo Nakajima Support Role
Yamane Kazuma Takahiro Tanihara Support Role
Ogoe Yuki Takahashi Ryota Support Role
Nao Misato Kurihara Support Role
Ishida Nicole Kaori Fujii Support Role
Kazama Shunsuke Ishibashi Kazuya Support Role
Takahashi Maryjun Miura Takako Support Role
Sato Toya Director
Yoshizawa Ryo Kashiwagi Yuichi Main Role
Haru Kuroki Sayaka Main Role
Iseya Yusuke Usami Hiroto Main Role
Tateishi Haruka Guest Role