Sweet and Salty Office (2018)
Ep 3


  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: MBC every1

Sweet and Salty Office (2018)

단짠 오피스

Drama , Food , Romance , Korean | Episode 32

7.4 825 10 0


It is the first broadcast on May 18th. It is the first pilot drama real diner drama # monolithic office to show for the first time in MBC at the abrion


Yoon Soo Kang Ara Support Role
Joo Sae Byuk Park So Hyun Support Role
Jun Heon Tae Cho Man Sik Support Role
Song Jae Hee Yoo Woong Jae Main Role
Song Won Seok Lee Ji Yong Main Role
Lee Chung Ah Do Eun Soo Main Role

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Drama , Food , Romance , Korean