Switched (2018)


Drama , Drama , School , Supernatural , Suspense , Japanese | Episodes 6

7.9 1156 10 0


A popular teenager inexplicably finds herself in the body of an unpopular classmate -- and her body's new owner has no intention of switching back. The series centers on Ayumi Kohinata, a first-year high school student who has a cute and shy personality. She's excited that she just started dating her first boyfriend, but on the day of their first date, she gets a mysterious call from her classmate Zenko Umine. Zenko says she's going to die, and Ayumi witnesses Zenko jumping from a building. The next thing she knows, Ayumi wakes up in a hospital, but in Zenko's body. 


Rokkaku Shinji Support Role
Seki Megumi Support Role
Suzuki Miu Support Role
Kirishima Reika Support Role
Tomita Miu Umine Zenko Main Role
Kiyohara Kaya Kohinata Ayumi Main Role
Kamiyama Tomohiro Mizumoto Koushirou Main Role
Shigeoka Daiki Kaga Shunpei Main Role

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Drama , Drama , School , Supernatural , Suspense , Japanese



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