Taiyo wa Ugokanai (2020)


Drama , Drama , Suspense , Thriller , Japanese | Episodes 6

7.3 59 10 0


Takano Kazuhiko, an agent for a secret organization, has a small bomb embedded in his heart and is pushed to breaking point. His partner is Taoka Ryoichi. They begin a dangerous game of wits with agents from other countries over top-secret information about next-generation energy while facing the risk of death round the clock. Amid an extreme situation where they do not know who are their allies and foes, the bombs in their hearts approach the limit


Sakou Yoshi Support Role
Ichihara Hayato Support Role
Ando Masanobu Support Role
Sato Koichi Support Role
Yuta Kanai Support Role
Ishibashi Renji Support Role
Koichi Mantaro Support Role
Ukaji Takashi Support Role
Tabe Mikako Support Role
Matsumoto Minoru Support Role
Yoshida Kotaro Support Role
Kakizawa Hayato Support Role
Shirahane Yuri Support Role
Fujiwara Tatsuya Main Role
Takeuchi Ryoma Main Role
Hyuga Wataru Guest Role
Hasumi Eiichiro Unknown Role
Hayashi Tamio Unknown Role