Tasogare Ryuuseigun (2018)

Like Shooting Stars in the Twilight, 黄昏流星群

Drama , Drama , Family , Romance , Japanese | Episodes: 14

7.7 341 10 0


Banker Takizawa Kanji lives only for work and has become a branch manager through relentless hard work amid a restructuring of the financial industry. Lately, his conversations with his wife Mariko have dwindled and he has also grown apart from his daughter Misaki who is of marriageable age. But he readily accepts this way of life. One day, Kanji is suddenly ordered on a secondment to a client company for an irrational reason. He is unable to hide his shock at this unexpected demotion and begins to question his own life. Kanji happens to see a poster of a snowy mountain and lies to his family that he is going to Switzerland for a business trip the next day. He travels to Switzerland alone and arrives in the Swiss Alps. He meets Meguro Shiori on a gondola bound for the Matterhorn in a snow storm and the two of them hit it off. Meanwhile, Mariko suspects that her husband may be having an affair but cannot voice what she thinks. She ends up falling into a forbidden love with her daughter’s fiance Hino Haruki...


Ishikawa Ren Takizawa Misaki Support Role
Yagi Akiko Mizuhara Satomi Support Role
Ono Takehiko Tokuda Kazuo Support Role
Motokariya Yuika Shinoda Kaoru Support Role
Aso Yumi Mother of Hino Haruki Support Role
Sasaki Kuranosuke Takizawa Kanji Main Role
Nakayama Miho Takizawa Mariko Main Role
Kuroki Hitomi Meguro Shiori Main Role
Fujii Ryusei Hino Haruki Main Role


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