The Advisors Alliance 2 (2017)

Cries of Tiger and Dragon, Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon, 大军师司马懿之虎啸龙吟

Drama , Historical , Political , Chinese | Episode 54

7.5 1025 10 0


From Sima Yi swords to Zhuge Liang's white crane feather fan, all hinted a war is about to break out. The relationship of Sima Yi and the second generation of Emperor Wei Cao Rui will be in play in part 2. Sima Yi's role as the "Minister" continue into Cao Rui and Cao Fang reign, where Sima Yi also encounter the greatest rival in his life.


Tang Tina Support Role
Chang Janine Bai Ling Yun Support Role
Yu He Wei Support Role
Li Chen Cao Pi Support Role
Wang Dong Support Role
Liu Huan Support Role
Wang Luo Yong Zhuge Liang Support Role
Liu Tao Zhang Chun Hua Support Role
Wu Xiu Bo Sima Yi Main Role

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Trailer The Advisors Alliance 2

Drama , Historical , Political , Chinese