The Advisors Alliance (2017)

Jun Shi Lian Meng, 军师联盟

Drama , Historical , Political , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 42

7.6 1730 10 0


The drama is based on the life of Sima Yi, a great politician and strategist that lived during the Three Kingdoms era.


Wu Xiu Bo Sima Yi Main Role
Liu Tao Zhang Chunhua Main Role
Song Tao Gao Xiang Supporting Role
Tang Tina Guo Zhao Supporting Role
Chang Janine Bai Yulian Supporting Role
Yu He Wei Cao Cao Supporting Role
Zhai Ronald Yang Xiu Supporting Role
Zhang Zhi Xi Zhen Fu Supporting Role
Kuang Can Chen Dao Supporting Role
Li Chen Cao Pi Supporting Role
Xiao Aero Si Ma Shi Unknown Role

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Drama , Historical , Political , Romance , Chinese