The Beauty (2017)


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The Beauty (2017)

Floral Beauty, Fragrant Beauty, 美人香

Drama , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 30

7.5 581 10 0


Yongzheng early years, epidemic outbreaks, flowers town girl clove according to ancestral secret recipe cure. Mother was assassinated, clove into the palace mistress. Robbery rich and poor "golden face" Jin Hao (after the five princes) at this time also came to the town to find medicine medicine, and clove in the town of flowers meet, the two so close, Xiangzhi love each other. Clove for the palace to find the father (father is the former imperial doctor), admitted to the palace of beauty Square to become harem beauty division. Clove into the palace after the three princes, four princes have met, and won the four princes love. Jin Hao know the situation of clove dangerous, in order to follow the guardian clove test Wu champion, as the emperor's imperial guards. Clove into the palace after that, his father as early as sixteen years ago because of the murder of Yongzheng side Fujin was executed. For the father to clear the grievances, clove decided to find out the truth, unexpectedly pulled out sixteen years before the shaking big case, and she was also involved in the palace into the complex contradictions among their own love Jin Hao was five Elder brother, love and friendship are also facing the test, although after twists and turns, good cloves still do not change the nature, do not forget the beginning of the heart, and ultimately won the love with the five princes to pure love, and become a generation of beauty master.


Yang Ming Na Empress Support Role
Lu Yong Jun Fan Qing Support Role
Zhao Shu Ting Ding Xiang [Young] Support Role
Ceng Ning Xin Yue E Support Role
Wang Liang Ya Pei Yu Support Role
Tien Niu Feng Zhu Support Role
Hou Meng Yao Ding Xiang Main Role
Zhang Tian Yang Jin Hao Main Role
Chao Winston Yong Zhen Main Role