The Best Chicken (2019)

The Best Fried Chicken, 最棒的炸雞, 최고의 치킨

Drama , Comedy , Food , Romance , Korean | Episodes 12

7.8 2654 10 0


A man works for a big company although his dream is to run a chicken restaurant. A woman who lives at a bathhouse that her late grandfather left behind, only leaves her home when she absolutely has to. She wants to become a webtoon writer. These two meet and grow with each other. 


Joo Woo Jae Andrew Kang Support Role
Yang Hong Seok Bae Ki Bum Support Role
Ah Young Moon So Dam Support Role
Na Jong Chan Lee Jin Sang Support Role
Lee Seung Hyub Park Joon Hyuk Support Role
Myung Gye Nam Seo Myung Dong Support Role
Hong Soon Chang [Real Estate agent] Support Role
Jeon Sung Hwan Oh Young Ho Support Role
Kim Seo Ra Seo Oh Sook Support Role
Son Min Ji Hwang Min Ah Support Role
Park Sun Ho Park Choi Go Main Role
Kim So Hye Seo Bo Ah Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Food , Romance , Korean