The Best of You in My Mind (2020)

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Life , Romance , School , Sports , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 24

8 1264 10 0


A story follows two childhood friends, a young woman from a broken family and a conceited archer, as they fall in love. When they were in university, Lin Xi Chi loses one month's living expenses due to a bet over an arm-wrestling competition with Xu Fang. Due to their relationship as debtor and debtee, the two become closer to each other. Lin Xi Chi could always act without any reservations around Xu Fang because they are childhood friends. When she was in high school, Lin Xi Chi who used to be bright and cheery became insecure and anxious because of her family problems. Meanwhile, Xu Fang has always had a short fuse. He's the type of guy to lose his temper over a few words but he has always been exceptionally gentle towards Lin Xi Chi. Xu Fang has secretly loved Lin Xi Chi for many years until one day, because of a drunken stupor, Lin Xi Chi gradually realizes her feelings for Xu Fang too. 


Qu Jing Jing He Li Yang Support Role
Zhang Lei Liu Xiao Jiang Support Role
Li Chung Lin Ye Shao Wen Support Role
Leslie Ma Nie Yue Support Role
Guo Xin Yu Jiang Zheng Xu Support Role
Chen Ze Lin Xi Qiu Support Role
Hao Wen Ting Zheng Fang Fang Support Role
Gala Zhang Xu Fang Main Role
Ireine Song Lin Xi Chi Main Role