The Bronze Teeth 4 (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Detective , Fantasy , Chinese | Episode 42

7.8 72 10 0


Since its inception in 2000, "The Iron Teeth Bronze Teeth" has accumulated a high popularity and reputation, but it has also increased the difficulty for continued writing. The scriptwriter Zou Jingzhi once said that he would rather write a new drama than to continue writing. The reason why he reneged on his words was that he said: "For the older brothers, it is also the needs of the audience." Talking about the difficulty, he said, "The difficulty of the fourth part is the superposition of the first, second and third parts. The difficulty is not too new, I am afraid that the old audience will not recognize it, and it is impossible to tell the old story. This sequel is harder to get than the remake of the fried rice. It is difficult for some of our brothers to do the most."