The Cupids Series: Loob Korn Kammathep (2017)

Challenging of Love, The Cupids บริษัทรักอุตลุด - ลูบคมกามเทพ

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episode 10+

7.7 7897 10 0


Karageade is a girl who has lots of problems in her life. When she was drunk she unconsciously sign a contract with seven other girls in the Cupid Hut that she will find a boyfriend in one year. Daniel is a half-caste guy who she meet and decide to go after him. Unknown to her Daniel is an undercover cop who is on the job investigate in a case. What will happened when they find out each other problems.


Chokprajakchat Nichari Karageade Main Role
Leowrakwong Intad Daniel Main Role
Mcfadden Kitkasem Pier / Phillip Supporting Role
Hiranyasap Toon Supporting Role
Hiranyatithi Boromwuti Ben Supporting Role
Wipatkornthrakul Natthapat Angie Supporting Role
Dungwattanawanich Nuttanicha Milin Supporting Role
Warutchayuth Weerakit Supporting Role
Wongpuapan Theeradej Peem Supporting Role
Wongsarattanasin Pichukkana Praewproud Supporting Role
Rittapinun Thikumporn Nantisa Supporting Role
Hargate Araya Alberta Waralee Supporting Role
Wipakontragoon Natthapatchara Angie Supporting Role
Pongpanu Phupoom Rome Guest Role
Mettarikanon Pongsakorn Anggoon / Art Guest Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand