The Dark Lord (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Historical , Korean | Episodes 52

7.7 5127 10 0


Ye Xiao Tian is working as a prison guard at the Ministry of Justice of the Ming dynasty. Upon receiving a testament, he leaves the capital and travels to Huguang province. Due to a freak combination of factors, he ends up pretending to be a government official, but takes his “position” seriously and fights for justice, gaining the love of the people.


Yu Tong Tian Miao Wen Support Role
Chen Emily Lady Ya Support Role
Zhang Chun Zhong Wen Ao Support Role
Hong Jian Tao Luo Bai Chuan Support Role
Chen Zi Han Lady Ya Support Role
Du Yu Ming Third of the Three Elders Support Role
Wang Deshun Religious Teacher Support Role
Liu Guan Lin Xu Bo Yi Support Role
Song Zu Er Xia Ying Ying Main Role
Xu Joe Ye Xiao Tian Main Role