The Ex-Man (2018)

前男友是鬼!?, Qian Nan You Shi Gui!?, Wo De Nan You Bu Shi Ren, My Ex-Man, 我的男友不是人

Drama , Romance , Supernatural , Taiwan | Episodes 13

7.5 626 10 0


Lee Ching Ai who is about to turn to 30 years old and working as a paparazzi. She’s been trying so hard to ignore her ex-boyfriend in her whole life; she realized that she is the only one who can see this ‘half-transparent’ Huo Da Le… “Is he dead? She wished it’s a dream, but after she read the TV news she figured that Huo is the victim confirmed dead in someexplosion. Those two had not contacted each other for 10 years until now… the spirit of Huo forced Lee to reach an agreement to make him stay at her place. The weird thing is they never found Huo’s body…


Xue Simon Xu Sheng Ren Support Role
Hai Heaven Chen Da Fa Support Role
Wu Duke Li Bao Bei Support Role
Li Sophia Zhong Shu Ying Main Role
Yang Rainie Li Qin Ai Main Role
Lan Blue Dai Hai An Main Role
Lu Johnny Zhou Li Yang Main Role

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Drama , Romance , Supernatural , Taiwan