The Exorcist's Meter (2017)

Demon-Conquering Taxi;, Descending Demons Taxi, 降魔的

Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , HK | Episodes 21

7.7 3460 10 0


Temperamental doctor Mandy Wong is mysteriously hit by a truck and has an out-of-body experience. In order to save his crush, Kenneth bravely forges into "supernatural space" with the help of supernatural show host, Moon Lau. A serial murder case has occurred in the city. The perpetrator is surprisingly police officer Hugo Wong... Are people hard to predict or was he influenced by demons? Those who have the luck to ride in this "descending demons taxi", fasten your seat belts as it takes you to explore different urban legends and supernatural spaces. It is exciting yet heart-warming to follow this odd pair, Kenneth and Mandy, as they fight demons.


Yuen Kitty Support Role
King Kong Support Role
Chiang Ram Support Role
Tse Susan Support Role
Ma Kenneth Main Role
Wu Hubert Main Role
Wong Hugo Main Role
Wong Mandy Main Role
Lau Moon Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , HK