The Family (2018)

Yin wei shi jia ren, What Happens to My Family Chinese version, 幸福一家人, Because This Is Family, Happy Family, 因为是家人

Drama , Family , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 52

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Single dad Fang Yong Fu (Li Li Qun) doesn’t have it easy with his three children. His still unmarried eldest daughter Tian Xin (Dong Jie) works sucessfully as the CEO’s secretary in a conglomerate. But everything changes when the CEO’s son Wang Shuo (Ronald Zhai) appears and misunderstands her relationship with his father. The eldest son Tian Yi (Roy Chiu) works as oncologist but is ashamed of his poor family. And the youngest son Xiao Long (Ren Yu Jie), the biggest troublemaker, is unemployed. Chaos becomes perfect when Li Yue Yue (Hong Jia Ning), a girl from the countryside, suddenly appears at their door. 


Zhai Ronald Wang Shuo Main Role
Dong Jie Fang Tian Xin Main Role
Lee Li Chun Fang Yong Fu Main Role
Chiu Roy Fang Tian Yi Main Role

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Drama , Family , Romance , Chinese