The Game: Towards Zero (2020)

The Game: Towards Midnight, 더 게임: 0시를 향하여

Drama , Investigation , Melodrama , Mystery , Korean | Episodes 32

8.6 11811 10 0


Kim Tae Pyung (TaecYeon) is a prophet who can foresee anyone’s death just by looking into their eyes. This changes when he meets Joon Young whose death he cannot see. Joon Young (Lee Yeon Hee) is a detective who works at Yongsan Police Station. She partners with a prophet to solve a mysterious murder case. Meanwhile, Goo Do Kyung (Im Ju Hwan) is a forensic expert. He is a perfectionist who digs through every case.



Jung Dong Hwan Teacher Baek Support Role
Shin Sung Min Yoon Kang Jae Support Role
Ji Hyuk Unknown
Park Ji Il Nam Woo Hyun Support Role
Jang So Yeon Ji Won Support Role
Park Won Sang Lee Joon Hee Support Role
Choi Jae Woong Han Dong Woo Support Role
Ryu Hye Rin Unknown
Kim Kang Hoon Support Role
Ye Soo Jung Unknown
Hong In Support Role
Yang Hyun Min Unknown
Im Joo Hwan Goo Do Kyung Main Role
Lee Yun Hee Seo Joon Young Main Role
Ok Taec Yeon Kim Tae Pyung Main Role
Jang Joon Ho Unknown Role
Lee Ji Hyo Unknown Role

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Drama , Investigation , Melodrama , Mystery , Korean

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