The Ghost Bride (2020)

Bi An Zhi Jia, 彼岸之嫁

Drama , Drama , Family , Historical , Horror , Mystery , Supernatural , Thriller , Taiwan | Episodes 6

7.5 673 10 0


Set in 1890, a young woman was forced to marry a dead man as a ghost bride in exchange to have her family's financial debt forgiven. Her attempt to escape the obligation was complicated by her discovery of a conspiracy that was much bigger and more mysterious than she ever thought she would be in. 


Daley Teresa Isabel / Tian Bai's betrothed Support Role
Janet Hsieh Support Role
Baily Oh Amah Support Role
Lin Lu Di Tian Bai Main Role
Huang Pei Jia Li Lan Main Role
Kuang Tian Lim Tian Ching / Ghost Husband Main Role
Wu Chris Er Lang Main Role