The Good Wife (2019) (2019)

Guddo Waifu, グッドワイフ

Drama , Drama , Family , Law , Political , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 16

7.6 267 10 0


Hasumi Kyoko is a former lawyer who quit her job when she became a mother. Her husband is an elite prosecutor who works as the leader of a special investigation department at the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office. However, he is charged with corruption and gets arrested. A scandal with another woman is also revealed. Kyoko's life as a "good wife" begins to change. To protect her children, she decides to work again as a lawyer. She is hired temporarily at a law office and begins to work as a lawyer for the first time in 16 years.


Takito Kenichi Sasaki Tatsuya Support Role
Shinozaki Eriko Screenwriter
Mizuhara Kiko Madoka Michiru Support Role
Kaku Chikako Kamiyama Yoshie Support Role
Nakabayashi Taiki Tokaji Ryota Support Role
Takabayashi Yukiko Hasumi Sachie Support Role
Hakata Hanamaru Hayashi Mikio Support Role
Yoshida Kotaro Wakisaka Hiromichi Support Role
Kitamura Takumi Asahi Kotaro Support Role
Ando Miyu Hasumi Ayaka Support Role
Tsukahara Ayuko Director
Tokiwa Takako Hasumi Kyoko Main Role
Karasawa Toshiaki Hasumi Soichiro Main Role
Koizumi Kotaro Tada Masahiro Main Role
Nomaguchi Tohru Ichihara Kengo (Ep.1) Guest Role
Hashizume Isao (Ep.2) Guest Role
Takeda Tetsuya (Ep.1) Guest Role
Izumisawa Yuki Hamaguchi Naoki (Ep.1) Guest Role