The Gravity of a Rainbow (2019)

Cai Hong De Zhong Li, Weight of a Rainbow, Rainbow Gravity, 彩虹的重力

Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 36+

7.6 1577 10 0


He Cai Hong, who is bent on finding a "soul mate", falls in love with Ji Yun, a versatile young professor with similar interests, knowledge, romance, and coldness. However, her mother Li Ming Zhu resolutely opposed it and determined that the ideal son-in-law was Su Dong Lin, a family friend and childhood friend of Cai Hong.


You Wei Lin Xia Feng Support Role
Dawson Vivian Qin Wei Support Role
Xu Xi Yan Guan Ye Support Role
Huang Denny Su Dong Yu Support Role
Zhang Bai Jia Guo Li Li Support Role
Gao Godfrey Ji Yun Main Role
Zhang Liang Su Dong Lin Main Role
Xuan Lu He Cai Hong Main Role